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The Coworking Village Is A Resource For Black And Disenfranchised Businesses Who Are Pursuing Financial Success

It has been announced that a new coworking space in Raleigh, North Carolina, has opened its doors with the purpose of aiding Black and minority entrepreneurs in the growth of their businesses.

It is not uncommon for Mel Wright, founder and proprietor of The Wright Village, to step up to the plate in a difficult scenario. Since moving from Connecticut to North Carolina in 2015, she has been working on establishing Beau & Beauty, a clothing resale firm in Smithfield.

“I decided to go with a more industrial look.” In addition to painting the floors and tearing up carpet, we solicited the help of my child. “It was really great,” Wright described the experience. “It was a fantastic experience, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

She did everything she could to keep the store open, but she soon discovered that she was paying the rent for the store rather than her mortgage payments, which she found frustrating. The fact that she had been advised to close it did not deter her from refusing to do so at this time.

“It was difficult, it was extremely difficult….” Knowing nothing about analytics, knowing nothing about your audience, knowing nothing about your target market, and even knowing nothing about the location, as Wright put it, “was a huge disadvantage.” Because I wasn’t familiar with the area, it turned out to be my greatest error. All that matters is where you are,” says the author. “Location, location, and more location.”

She eventually made the decision to move all of her inventory and operations to Harper’s Flea Market, which was just a few blocks down the road. Following a brief length of time in that setting, she realized that there was still more room for improvement for her. As a result, she decided to close Beau & Beauty for good and return to school at North Carolina Central University to get a bachelor’s degree in business management.

Upon graduation in 2020, she intends to establish The Wright Village in Raleigh, North Carolina, with the goal of assisting disadvantaged entrepreneurs in realizing their entrepreneurial dreams and expanding their businesses.

“I was conscious of the fact that I was on a mission.” Wright stated himself. “My motivation was to assist entrepreneurs and businesses in avoiding the difficulties that I had to go through myself.”

She now works with small company owners, assisting them in finding grants, marketing support, mentorships, and other tools to help them grow their businesses. Business owners can become members of the coworking space, which is located in South Raleigh, in exchange for use of shared or private desk space.

It has been twenty years since the North Carolina Business Council reported a nearly threefold increase in the number of minority-owned businesses in the state. Wright, on the other hand, wants to make certain that the expansion continues. ​

It was only after being in the situation she was in and experiencing everything she went through, including nearly losing her house, that she realized how fortunate she had been, she explained. “Who would want to be present when someone else goes through such a traumatic experience?” “Why not extend a helping hand to the next person who is in need?”